Can the Network Catch the Marketers?

It is a very fun time to be in marketing. The tools, the data, the insights! Service Providers now have at their fingertips (or, at least plenty of choices to have at their fingertips) a myriad of customer insight and analytic engines to give them real-time insight into how their customers are using their services and where they might have new opportunity.

Yet the network engineering to respond to those insights isn’t real-time. That’s no problem if your network has plenty of capacity and it’s just a matter of introducing new products. But, what if you have capacity constraints across some of that new market opportunity? Or, what if you should have plenty of capacity because you just deployed some new fiber but you are seeing some extraordinary consumption by one or two customers that is degrading the experience for everyone else?

Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization can only go as far as the physical capacity of the access network to deliver will allow.

That’s why we believe it’s critical that automated intelligence needs to extend out to the planning of the access network and be driven by marketing insights. Network Engineering teams need to quickly be able to assess their technology build-enhance-evolve options against customer demand and demographics, so that they can quickly make deployment decisions that meet the business strategy.

That’s why we developed NOCPlan™, a platform that automates the planning process, for greenfield and embedded networks alike, across any technology, to give Service Providers the detailed cost and market opportunity insight they need to guide their investments.

The Engineering teams shouldn’t be worrying about catching the Marketers. They should have the tools to lead them.