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127 new devices connect to the internet every second

127 new devices connect to the internet every second.* And while most of the media attention is focused on the devices, applications and consumer adoption rates, another revolution is underway quietly behind the scenes. This is in the development of the resilience and security in the infrastructure that ultimately is relied upon to connect the applications and networks. A Google…

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The Devil is in the Details

And there’s no detail more fundamental to smooth broadband growth for Service Providers than understanding the nitty gritty of their access network. One network element incorrectly catalogued in the Service Provider inventory will cause every single order that touches it to fail. Network Operations folks know this all too well. Too much of their day is spent on manual fixes,…

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Can the Network Catch the Marketers?

It is a very fun time to be in marketing. The tools, the data, the insights! Service Providers now have at their fingertips (or, at least plenty of choices to have at their fingertips) a myriad of customer insight and analytic engines to give them real-time insight into how their customers are using their services and where they might have…

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