NOCVue TL1 Manager


NOCVue TL1 Manager Unifies Visibility Across all TL1 Devices

  • Reduce IT Overhead
  • Improve technician productivity by 15-20%
  • Respond faster to service disruptions
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Easily integrate alerts into existing OSS
  • Quick deployment and ROI

Boost Efficiency and Accountability in Operations

  • Eliminate wait time for an available TL1 session
  • TL1 “Hot Buttons” for quick commands
  • Unified Interface for Full Visibility and Management
  • Secure Login
  • Audit Trail
  • Standards Compliant SNMP Notification

Modernize your TL1 Network

Network NOCVueTL1 Manager gives service providers the tools and visibility they need to manage TL1 devices quickly and easily. Every session is managed using configurable heart-beat checks, retries mechanisms, re-connect options. These settings enable micro management of a TL1 session, thereby pro-actively monitoring and ensuring their uptime. NOCVue also provide easy steps to perform
the fundamental administrative steps on a TL1 session and any failure to connect to an EMS/Network element triggers an automatic alarm using well-defined SNMP Notifications.

The Legacy Equipment Challenge

Today, technology is part of every aspect of our lives. Our homes are becoming smart, we consume our entertainment in new ways, and we are embracing streaming services like never before. Building out high-speed networks to support consumers with new and evolving services is a priority for broadband service providers. And to support those services, it’s critical to drive automation and easy, intuitive tools into network operations.

The challenge is that the current network infrastructure still has a proliferation of legacy TL1 devices and probes, a protocol that is almost 40 years old. It is in the land that time forgot.

Costly and cumbersome to maintain, prone to crashing without alarm, and disruptive but essential to delivering services. How can service providers keep legacy equipment working, gain efficiencies in their operations and protect valuable revenue streams while evolving the infrastructure?

With NocVue TL1 Manager. Centralized management of TL1 Networks delivers all these benefits and sets the stage for future automation.