127 new devices connect to the internet every second

127 new devices connect to the internet every second.* And while most of the media attention is focused on the devices, applications and consumer adoption rates, another revolution is underway quietly behind the scenes. This is in the development of the resilience and security in the infrastructure that ultimately is relied upon to connect the applications and networks.

A Google search for “Network Element + IoT”, for example, will serve up quite a bit of information about managing the explosion of devices but very little about how to assure resilience of those elements themselves. The reason is simple – we all trust that the physical infrastructure, globally, is sound.

That’s why a major infrastructure provider has turned to VCTI to help develop Element Management Systems and Network Management Systems that have the Fault, Configuration, Performance and Security of the caliber needed to support the explosion of IoT interfaces in routers.

Major applications of these routers are

  • TDM/SONET/SDH Migration to MPLS/IP
  • Industrial IoT (use cases such as tele-protection, SCADA, and so on for power utility, transportation, oil and gas, and other industries)
  • Multiservice Network Convergence
  • Metro Ethernet Aggregation

VCTI has also been asked to work on deploying new tele-protection standards for circuit emulation in power substations, so the network and the applications riding on it are protected from increased pressure on and complexity of power demand.

With the stakes so high, infrastructure providers know they cannot risk failure. That’s why they turn to the access experts at VCTI for help on these complex issues.

*McKinsey Global Institute, Unlocking value from IoT connectivity: Six considerations for choosing a provider. March 2018