Address Integrity Mapping™

Taking Location Data to a Higher Level of Reliability

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Identify serviceable locations that require little to no capital.

Identify missed locations by the FCC’s BSL, including under and unserved locations and false positives that might be embedded within the data.

Homes passed integrity

Expand your serviceable market opportunity by 3-6% with deeper granularity and accuracy.

Broadband Investment Optimization

Build stronger business cases, optimizing every serviceable location opportunity.

For one service provider, AIM identified additional locations within the opportunity areas and along the backhaul, uncovering a nearly nine percent increased market opportunity, which could translate to more than $1M/month in potential revenue.

Maximize ROI with your Capital Budget

Identify servicable locations with little to no additional capital spend.

Enhance the Probability of Market Success

Avoid costly surprises and optimize capital allocation.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy

Optimize resource allocation early without reliance on field visits.

Assure Taxpayer Dollars are Allocated More Efficiently

Bridge the gap. Close the digital divide now.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Make faster, data-driven decisions to seize market opportunities.

Unite Leadership with a Standardized Analytic Framework

Empower leaders to make data-driven decisions.

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