Unlock Hidden Revenue in Your Existing Network

Earlier this week, we announced a new service that uncovers significant revenue opportunities for broadband providers. The new service is called Address Integrity Mapping (AIM), an AI-powered service that helps broadband service providers correct omissions in their systems, identifying untapped serviceable homes previously missed. AIM helped one service provider identify 3.5% more homes that could be connected to their existing network. This translates to a potential increase in revenue of $68 million per year. AIM is even more effective in other cases, increasing the number of serviceable addresses by over 6% for some providers.

“Imagine leaving more than five percent of your potential revenue on the table. The idea sounds ridiculous, but service providers routinely do this – only because they are working with incomplete data,” said Raj Singh, VCTI’s CEO. “Whether they are relying on the FCC Broadband Fabric, which can include false positives as well as miss homes, or their own systems, which might include duplicates or omit homes that are easily reached, almost every service provider can benefit from better data on serviceable addresses within their footprint.”

AIM can be applied to an existing service area to identify locations within the node boundary that have not been captured in the system of record and/or BDC filings, identifying additional homes that can be served for little to no capital. It can also assure greater integrity for revenue or grant eligible targets by identifying “false positives” in the FCC Broadband Serviceable Data Fabric, such as garages or gazebos mislabeled as serviceable locations. This greater depth of insight and location accuracy ensures that better investment decisions can be made, capital spending is optimized, and FCC reporting is more accurate.

“With AIM, we leverage AI and our expertise in network operations to identify immediately available sales opportunities requiring little to no capital investment. In addition, we can provide a higher level of reliability on which to build and respond to grant programs,” continues Singh. “AIM fits directly in VCTI’s mission to enable service providers to drive greater efficiency and thus a higher return from their capital budget.”

To learn more, download the brief below.

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