VCTI Achieves Dramatic Growth Fueled by U.S.’s Plans and Funding for Broadband Expansion


Today we are pleased to announce that VCTI ended the first half of 2022 on a historic growth trajectory. Our new Broadband Investment Optimization Service introduce last summer is the clear market leader. It is the most comprehensive and trustworthy solution to accelerate speed to market and realization of ROI for investments in broadband services. This unique offering comprehensively identifies and quantifies target markets, grant opportunities, and defines network plans that dramatically reduce the timeline from strategy to construction.

As part of this momentum in the first half of 2022, VCTI has achieved several significant milestones, including:

Exceptional Business Performance: VCTI reports revenue growth of 80% and managed service growth of 100% over the first half of 2021.

Groundbreaking New Service Offerings: VCTI introduced pioneering services that enable customers to achieve business objectives faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Broadband Grant Bid Acceleration Service helps broadband providers identify and partner with local, state, and federal governmental entities to expand high-speed broadband services to underserved and unserved communities, schools, and businesses, struggling to receive broadband investments and grants.
  • Broadband Infrastructure Investment Analytics for Private Equity Firms helps private investors and service providers seeking to accelerate expansion investments. 

 Expanded Customer Base: VCTI has increased its customer base to include five of the fifteen largest broadband providers in the U.S., mid-size providers, and emerging new fiber-to-the-home service providers, investment banks, and private equity firms funding them.

Grant Submissions: As part of its Broadband Investment Services, VCTI has analyzed twelve million homes and supported customer grant submissions of over $250M in the first six months of 2022.

VCTI Careers: VCTI is currently hiring to support its growth and expects to expand its employee base in 2022 significantly. More details on careers at VCTI can be found at

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