Fiber IQ™

Build Highly Accurate Broadband Expansion Plans with AI-powered Service.
Delivers More than 20 Percent Improvement in Capital Budget Efficiency

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Understand Your Aerial and Underground Deployment
Options with More Accurate Cost Estimates

Fiber IQ assesses the viability of utility poles for aerial deployments and soil and rock hardness for underground deployment to gain more accurate estimation of costs without sending anyone into the field.


provisioning workflows

Maps soil types and rock hardness down to 4-6 feet without deploying field crews

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Geo-locates and delivers a high-level assessment of the usability of each utility pole on the proposed network.

Fiber IQ

Delivers More Than 20 Percent Improvement in Capital Budget Efficiency

In today’s highly competitive environment, service providers must move quickly to capitalize on funding opportunities while at the same time accurately assessing costs so they can submit accurate bids. This is critical so they don’t miss opportunities by overestimating costs or withdrawing from successful bids after discovering that the estimated budget was too low.

Achieve a Higher ROI for your Budget

Avoid costly surprises down the road and optimize capital allocation.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Make faster, data-driven decisions to seize market opportunities.

Make Informed Decision

Know the upfront challenges and costs before committing capital.

Enhance the Probability of Market Success

Avoid costly surprises and optimize capital allocation.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy

Optimize resource allocation early without reliance on field visits.

Unite Leadership with a Standardized Analytic Framework

Empower leaders to make data-driven decisions.

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