Geology IQ™

Protect your business case against incorrect assumptions about the true cost to trench for an underground deployment

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Map the geological layer for more accurate cost-to-build estimates.


Maps soil types and rock hardness down to 4-6 feet without deploying field crews

Actionable Insights

Receive actionable insights on construction implications helping you plan and budget effectively

Broadband Investment Optimization

Gain 20-30% more accurate estimates than industry standards

Assure the construction plan has the right equipment and crew at the right place and time.

Make Informed Decisions

Know the upfront challenges and costs before committing capital.

Enhance the Probability of Market Success

Avoid costly surprises and optimize capital allocation.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy

Optimize resource allocation early without reliance on field visits.

Accelerate the Costing Analysis and Process

Skip time-consuming field visits and start sooner.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Make faster, data-driven decisions to seize market opportunities.

Unite Leadership with a Standardized Analytic Framework

Empower leaders to make data-driven decisions.

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