Broadband Investment Optimization

In-Depth, Accurate Plans & Analytics to Drive ROI & Subscriber Growth Rapidly identify, quantify, prioritize and optimize ROI for your investments in broadband upgrade and expansion.

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Optimize to Serve More Customers for Least Cost

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Identify the best first opportunities using machine learning and a data-driven framework

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Target expansion areas with extremely accurate location mapping and infrastructure data

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Identify viability of technology options and their cost – Fiber/Fixed Wireless/Hybrid

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Receive highly accurate and optimized network plans

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Drive every dollar further. Leverage existing investments and subsidies to expand the addressable base

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Make investment decisions with confidence

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Solving the Broadband Expansion

Challenge With intensifying competition, changing technology options, and new government economic programs, the decisions you make today will determine your market share and profitability for years to come.

Rapid Network Planning Services

Rapid Market Planning Services
The Rapid Market Planning Service helps you identify the best opportunities to target first for upgrades to and/or expansion of your broadband network within weeks, if not days
  • Identify households within your footprint or within close proximity who are receiving sub-par service
  • Play offense and defense against the competition simultaneously. Understand where, how much and to whom grants have been awarded within proximity to your network

  • Evaluate the viable technology options for these markets. Our machine learning coupled with unparalleled Network and GIS expertise enables us to identify critical cost factors for the targets, such as the viability of aerial fiber deployment or clutter and propagation parameters for Fixed Wireless

  • Assess overall opportunity and threat – We provide a standardized, data-driven framework, based on attribute scoring you define, to empower you to prioritize investments and private/public partnerships with speed and accuracy

Rapid Network Planning Services

Serve more customers for less. Powered by NocPlan’s™ sophisticated design algorithms coupled with VCTI’s superior location data, rapidly design wireline, wireless or hybrid networks to optimize the number of households and businesses you can reach with each investment. In addition, we help you understand how Fixed Wireless could extend coverage to more customers or how many non-subsidized additional households you could serve leveraging existing grants.

Network Design Validation – Automate the Walk Through

VCTI’s powerful machine learning platform enables you to minimize expensive technician walk-throughs before finalizing your ready-for-construction design.

Need Speed to Decide and Deploy?

VCTI has a highly skilled network design engineer team to empower your Regulatory and Network Planning teams to build the strongest plan possible. Whether your business goal is market expansion, market upgrade, or public-private partnership for the underserved, the data and insights VCTI delivers help you plan with confidence.


North American service provider improved time to plan by 67%

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