Sweat Your Assets

As those of us in the northern hemisphere struggle to keep cool this summer, it reminds me that there are some things that should be made to sweat, hard. I’m talking about legacy infrastructure.

Unlike the weather, legacy infrastructure is never a hot topic for the telecom industry. It’s so much more fun to look to the future, like laying out a roadmap for digital transformation or a complete SDN/NFV network. No bones about it, these initiatives are vital to the long term success of service providers everywhere but, if John Maynard Keynes will excuse me, in the long run we’re all dead.

As Keynes elaborated, that doesn’t mean we ought not care about and invest in the long term. His point was that investing to improve the here and now shouldn’t be foregone in deference to the future.

In other words, it’s not one or the other; it should be both.

At VCTI, we’ve taken this principle further. We believe that investments that are fast to deploy and fast to payback can smooth and fuel the path to that brighter, transformed future. How? By attacking systemic weaknesses in existing access network infrastructure, systems and workflows with automation rather than manual workarounds. In doing so, the cash that is being burned by these weaknesses – delayed revenue, manual labor, unnecessary truck rolls, customer churn – can be freed up and applied to the future.

In other words, invest now to sweat the assets, not the people.

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