The Devil is in the Details

And there’s no detail more fundamental to smooth broadband growth for Service Providers than understanding the nitty gritty of their access network. One network element incorrectly catalogued in the Service Provider inventory will cause every single order that touches it to fail. Network Operations folks know this all too well. Too much of their day is spent on manual fixes, a drag on efficiency for the Service Provider as well as a serious drag on the customer experience.

The high volume of failures (we’ve heard estimates as high as 40%!) seems to be our industry’s dirty little secret. While there’s a lot to be excited with NFV, SDN and Cloud, at the end of the day, if 40% of the orders are failing today because access network details are wrong, then 40% will be failing tomorrow.

Yet, this seems to be all too often thrown in the “too hard” bucket and we just keep marching ahead, leaving our technicians in the operations center version of Groundhog Day.

It’s time to replace manual fixes with efficiency, and give our support personnel processes that work, and our customers the services they ordered, on time.

That’s why VCTI has focused on Automated Intelligence solutions for the Access Network, like our NOCVue™ Unity platform.

Automated Inventory Discovery and Service Management: Quickly catalog what’s really out there and no longer make your technicians manually input every change. Watch the average order failure number drop.

One GUI for managing all those disparate network elements: Relief from the painful swivel chairs and their even more painful log-in sequences. Let your technicians focus on more important things than finding a magnifying glass to read those panels.

Standard APIs into your existing systems and applications…and to make sure your access network operations are fit and ready for your digital transformation.

Some may say the access network is not the most glamorous part of the industry. But getting the details right helps Service Providers get better broadband to more people, faster and more accurately. That’s why VCTI is committed to get the Devil Out of the Details!