Approximately $1 Billion in Broadband Grant Applications is Supported by VCTI

Broadband grants

We are pleased to announce that to-date, VCTI has supported nearly $1 billion in Broadband Service Provider subsidy applications and bids. VCTI’s portfolio of Broadband Service Provider Investment Optimization services support expansion plans with detailed economic analysis, under- and unserved location mapping services, network plans and infrastructure information. VCTI analytics and optimized network plans allow service providers to submit detailed, highly credible bids that are based on accurate service data by location and realistic cost projections.

“VCTI’s ability to provide empirical data – and a true picture of bandwidth and households served within a community – makes us uniquely positioned to help FTTH and Fixed Wireless providers partner with communities to effectively and efficiently identify areas of need and apply for grants to upgrade and expand their networks,” explained VCTI CEO Raj Singh. “We are approaching $1 billion worth of grants filed by our customers with our support. We are thrilled to be working with some of the largest MSOs, WISPs, and ILECs, as well as some of the most innovative new entrants, to deepen their community partnerships and drive broadband access across North America.”

Broadband service providers pursuing grant funding for network upgrades and expansions have frequently had to rely on disparate and inconsistent location data and high-level cost assumptions to understand service speeds and prospective network build costs. Basing grant proposals on imperfect data can be problematic for both service providers as they try to balance cost estimates against cost overrun concerns and for local government officials who want to demonstrate that they are directing grant monies to the areas of most need. VCTI’s broadband investment services provide intelligent, validated data that addresses these concerns and informs more effective credible grant proposals.

VCTI’s Broadband Service Provider Solutions include:

  • Broadband Investment Optimization Service (BIO) identifies the viable technology options with economic analysis in targeted areas to help service providers prioritize infrastructure investment opportunities, accelerate time to revenue and optimize ROI.                                                              
  • Broadband Grant Bid Acceleration Service leverages the BIO capability set to help broadband providers identify and partner with local, state, and federal governmental entities to expand high-speed broadband services to underserved and unserved communities, schools, and businesses, struggling to receive broadband investments and grants.
  • Broadband Infrastructure Investment Analytics for Private Equity Firms helps private investors identify the most lucrative telecommunications infrastructure investments.

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