VCTI Expands Its Intelligent Automation Platform for Access Network Planning to Model Fixed Wireless and Metro Ethernet Networks

Automates Network Planning & Design Process, Greatly Reducing Time and Network Design Costs

May 15, 2019 – Nice, France. VCTI, a developer of automated intelligence products and services for access network planning and service delivery orchestration, announced today at Digital Transformation World that it is expanding its NOCPlan™ platform to include Metro Ethernet and fixed wireless network modeling.

With the addition of these technologies, Service Providers can now easily compare network design options such as fiber v fixed wireless in hours rather than weeks. In addition to enabling Service Providers to design network expansions and/or upgrades quickly, NOCPlan also allows them to map their network against micro-demographics, giving them the power to marry marketing analytics to their network planning process for even greater ROI.

“Many Service Providers are under intense pressure to expand their broadband services faster to meet customer demand but have more pressure on their capital budgets. They need a deployment plan aligned to their marketing strategy to optimize ROI,” said Raj Singh, CEO of VCTI. “They need more information and greater accuracy to ensure a better customer experience. By applying Automated Intelligence to the planning and design process, NOCPlan solves these problems across all access network technologies while typically reducing cost of and timelines for planning the network by 30% or more.”

NOCPlan features the rapid development of capital budgeting including cost comparisons between alternative network architectures:

  • Fixed wireless
  • Copper
  • HFC, and
  • Fiber technologies

NOCPlan analyzes comparative ROI scenarios of multiple design options, modeling a variety of technology, demographic, and deployment options, all produced in hours rather than weeks. It compares desired service attributes and target market demographics.

Service Providers input design guidelines and equipment choices and NOCPlan automatically determines fiber paths, node placements, material cost, installation cost, and total project cost. NOCPlan models costs for deploying various topologies including tree, star, ring, chain and mesh and equipment for connecting the customers. Multiple options for equipment material and installation costs can be investigated.

“Our customers turn to us to solve “last mile” service fulfilment issues that previously could only be managed through cumbersome manual processes, because of their complexity,” said Sally Hudson, CMO, VCTI. “We help them implement the smartest path to broadband growth.”

About VCTI

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