VCTI Introduces Broadband Infrastructure Investment Analytics for Private Equity Firms

Somerset, New Jersey – June 22, 2022VCTI, the broadband and network strategy and technology experts, announced Broadband Infrastructure Investment Analytics to help private investors identify and prioritize broadband infrastructure investment opportunities. VCTI’s Broadband Infrastructure Investment Analytics combines its expert network planning and build cost analytics with a wealth of market data, including demographics, economic trends, and the competitive landscape across geographic areas, to help identify the most lucrative telecommunications infrastructure investments with speed and accuracy.

VCTI’s deep expertise in network planning and engineering, GIS, extensive software development skills, and proficiency in market analytics enable them to help investors better understand where to prioritize their broadband infrastructure investments. Utilizing VCTI’s machine learning, sophisticated algorithms, and their NOCPlan™ network planning platform, they deliver a comprehensive, accurate, and enlightening analysis that transitions smoothly to operational implementation, which allows investors to confidently make investments based on the business case with speed to realize a return.

“There are many investment opportunities in telecommunications and internet infrastructure, which can be overwhelming for investors and service providers in their portfolio,” said Raj Singh, President, and CEO of VCTI. “Investors face making decisions that have long-term implications for their funds and businesses. They need to clearly understand their options and the financial implications of those options to reduce risk and ensure stronger returns.”

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of having internet access in every home. Ubiquitous access to high-performance internet can transform a community’s economic and social health. There is a flood of new government initiatives, subsidies, and private investment opportunities to address the problem of the underserved.

VCTI helps investors, such as private equity firms, complete due diligence on potential broadband service provider expansion or start-up investments. Comprehensive analysis of initial target markets, including insight into demographics, market growth trends, income, housing values, and current and potential competitive services, are compiled as the foundation. VCTI maps highly accurate location data, including community anchor institutions (CAI), under and unserved households, utility pole placements, and specific grant opportunities, into the mapping and modeling. Leveraging VCTI’s network planning platform, NOCPlan™, middle mile, FTTH, and Fixed Wireless network plans are modeled, providing a detailed view of all build costs, and identifying the strongest strategies to commence the project layering all the revenue, grant, and cost variables together.

Critically, the network plans produced, integrate directly into all major design platforms, assuring the plans can be executed quickly and successfully.

The investor now has fast, accurate, and highly reliable insight into prospective market opportunities for broadband investment, supported by executable network build options and economic analysis to help them confidently make long-term investment decisions.