VCTI Introduces Broadband Investment Optimization Services to Accelerate Service Expansion

Enables Broadband Providers to Expand with Financial Confidence

Somerset, New Jersey – June 15, 2021 — VCTI, the broadband and network technology experts, announced Broadband Investment Optimization Services to help broadband providers prioritize infrastructure investment opportunities quickly as they expand and upgrade service coverage areas. VCTI’s Broadband Investment Optimization Service identifies the viable technology options with economic analysis in targeted areas to help service providers prioritize infrastructure investment and strengthen collaboration with local governments for public/private partnerships.

“With intensifying competition from new providers, changing technology options, and new government programs to accelerate closing the digital divide, broadband providers have an overwhelming number of options,” said Raj Singh, President, and CEO of VCTI. “As a result, they face making decisions that require speed and accuracy because those decisions have long-term implications for the business. They need to clearly understand their technology options and the financial implications of those options.”

VCTI identifies underserved and serviceable households and communities in targeted expansion areas within or tangential to the provider’s current footprint using machine learning technology, highly accurate location data, mapping services, and infrastructure information. Once the targeted areas are determined, the service identifies all the technology options available. This data feeds into VCTI’s automated design platform, NOCPlan™. Its sophisticated design algorithms rapidly design wireline, wireless or hybrid networks to optimize the number of households and businesses the provider can reach with each investment. The provider now has identified targeted areas for expansion, available technology options, and economic analysis to help them make long-term investment decisions.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of having internet access in every home. Ubiquitous access to high-performance internet can transform a community’s economic and social health. There is a flood of new government initiatives and subsidies to address the problem of the “underserved.” VCTI has partnered with several broadband providers to help them prioritize their expansion investments into underserved communities and facilitate stronger public/private partnerships.

About VCTI
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