VCTI Introduces NOCVue TL1 Manager

Improves Operational Efficiency of Legacy Networks While Transitioning to Future Digital Infrastructure

Somerset, New Jersey – February 12, 2020 – VCTI (formerly known as Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc.), today announced NOCVue™ TL1 Manager, a new TL1 management application to help service providers transform management of TL1 legacy networks. NOCVueTL1 Manager delivers unified, remote network visibility into and management of TL1 devices to streamline troubleshooting, simplify network operations, and optimize performance of legacy systems.
Building out high-speed networks that offer consumers new and evolving services is a priority for broadband service providers. Supporting these new consumer experiences requires network operations tools that are automated, intuitive, and easy to use. However, the current network infrastructure has a proliferation of legacy TL1 devices and probes that are costly and cumbersome to maintain, prone to crashing without alarm, and disruptive but essential to delivering services. While service providers evolve their network infrastructure, they must keep legacy equipment working, gain efficiencies in their operations, and protect valuable revenue streams.

“With our new NOCVue TL1 Manager, service providers can now simplify network operations for their legacy systems with unified management of disparate vendor technologies,” said Raj Singh, CEO, VCTI. “Service Providers will realize a 15-20% improvement in field technician productivity, faster response to customer service disruptions and a reduction in truck rolls. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, this also puts their TL1 devices on a path to automation, extending the lifecycle of these devices into a digital future.”

NOCVue TL1 Manager aggregates all existing TL1 probes into a single instance, presenting a unified management interface governed by the service provider’s security and audit standards, ease of integration into existing applications, and creating a path to automation with machine learning.

About NOCVue

NOCVue is a service management platform that automates and streamlines management of legacy networks and operations. The flagship product, NOCVue Unity, simplifies and unifies the management of multi-vendor access networks, including highly accurate service orchestration functionality. NOCVue’s powerful automated intelligence capabilities allow service providers to drive higher levels of end to end automation in provisioning and activation while its auto-discovery engine assures that the integrity of network inventory and services supported is maintained. By abstracting the management of the access network from legacy OSS, service providers can streamline operations and innovate faster, liberating cash and system barriers from legacy operations to build a bridge to the future.

About VCTI

VCTI is a world-class provider of software products and technical expertise for communications services providers and the equipment vendors embedded in their networks. Leveraging its foundation in the architecture, design and development of access network element management systems, VCTI offers solutions for service providers that enable automation and optimization of network evolution planning, automate, simplify and streamline network operations in multi-vendor environments, and extract value from legacy operations to build a bridge to a digital future.

These solutions enable service providers to drive a stronger ROI from their network engineering and operations investments, grow their broadband subscriber base, and build a more successful, robust path to a digital future. VCTI technology is found in the access networks of more than 500 service providers, globally. For further information, visit us at

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